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Cute Animal Cupcakes

You would need some serious skill to make these animal cupcakes but had to post them just for pure cuteness! Reindeers, Sheep, Garfield and even Nemo have all made an appearance on pinterest and they would be perfect for children’s parties or for anyone who finds these as adorable as me!


x… Fashion Cupcakes …x

I saw these cupcakes on pinterest and LOVED them! Being obsessed with Louis Vuitton and also having a passion for fashion (I know, such a cliché), cupcakes and fashion are my ideal mix!

The LV cupcake stands are adorable and love the LV lettering on the icing. Definitely have to try and make some Louis Vuitton cupcakes. Will post a picture when they are done…

Look at these too… these fashion cupcakes look absolutely delicious and the Chanel Bags are sooo cute! The bags and heels would take some extreme patience to make (which I don’t have much of) but would love to have a try! Imagine Little Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags… Cute!!